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SelfScheduler Organization EditionTM
Ideal for Campus and Student Service Organizations
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 "Outsourcing Scheduling Technology: Reduces Costs While Improving Student Services" and other publications can found in Welcome
"Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience." (Light, 81)

In addition to advising students, directors and managers need help to manage staff schedules and automate student service reports. ServiceBuzz products can help you:
  • Manage and communicate staff schedules more effectively
  • Track number of students seen and number of "no shows"
  • Utilize valuable time to answer student questions vs. scheduling appointments
  • Provide students with ability to schedule appointment anytime
Dean/Associate Dean:
  • Review data to better understand trends/work load
  • Make it easier for students to schedule appointments with advisors
  • Manage and communicate staff schedules easily
  • Have better visibility of the "types" of services that staff is providing
  • Decrease number of "no shows" and "wasted staff hours"
  • Better use the Receptionist's time to manage the lobby and answer student's questions vs. scheduling appointments
  • Review data to better understand current trends/work load
  • Make it easier for students to meet with advisors
  • Document notes and log student discussions
  • Easily review past notes to better prepare for students meetings
  • Easily check schedules from home in case of emergencies
  • Schedule and change appointments anytime vs. calling or signing in
ServiceBuzz Public Scheduler™  
  • Gives students visibility of available appointment times 24hrs/day, 7 days/week via internet
  • Enables the receptionist to spend more time answering student questions vs. scheduling appointments
  • Enables managers/staff to view students appointments and notes
ServiceBuzz Shift Manager™  
  • Enables managers to assign and automatically communicate tasks to staff (i.e. drop in, graduation checks, lunch coverage, etc)
  • Highlights to manager when there is a personal vs. work conflict, while maintaining privacy of staff calendar
  • Automatically updates public and staff schedules with the updated tasks, so you don’t have to manage several different calendars
  • Provides manager the flexibility to change tasks/services real time to meet the students needs (i.e. extend drop in hours)
ServiceBuzz Personal Scheduler™  
  • Enables managers and staff to block off personal appointments to prevent appointment conflicts
ServiceBuzz Reports™  
  • Provide data on current services (i.e. number of students seen and number of "no shows")
  • Automatically generates reports to prevent manual data collection
  • Provides data to track changes implemented, effectiveness of policies, and work load

With limited resources, it is important to use time more efficiently. Don't spend valuable time on "time consuming activities" like scheduling appointments, counting number of appointments, or waiting for "no shows."

Make it more convenient for students to schedule or to re-schedule appointments with you, especially those students who work full/part time and live off campus.

Don't take our word for it, read the case study and sign up for a FREE 30 min consultation to see how ServiceBuzz products can help you decrease "no shows", spend more time answering student advising questions, and manage your staff.

Light, Richard J. Making the Most of College: Students Speak their Minds. Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2001.

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